Bill Bailey: Dentists Routine

Bill Bailey: Dentists routine is a part of Bewilderness stand up comedy video, released in 2004. Stand up comedian Bill Bailey is not just an ordinary comedian. He is a complete artist who knows how to warm up a crown when he is on stage. His delivery is natural and confident, and his jokes are hilarious.

The Dentist stand up comedy routine is so funny that when you will go to the dentist, you will surely remember parts of it. So, I must warn you: if you have a dentist appointment any time soon, you should be careful with watching Bill Bailey’s Dentists video routine, because the chances are for you to remember at least the part with: “Jane, the claw!” It is so funny that you just might burst into laugh with “the claw” in action.

Stand up comedian Bill Bailey has a good point in the Dentists video routine. No one can understand their language, when they speak in medical terms with one another. It is strange but totally understandable because if not, we would run in a hart beat from their chair. This subject had been tackled before by many other stand up comedians, but Bill Bailey’s approach on the subject is a bit different. He is no Bill Cosby, but he sure is hilarious.

Another great thing about Bill Bailey’s Dentists stand up comedy routine is Bailey’s delivery. He owns the stage, he is confident and natural; his mimicry and body language are pretty good as well and together with the joke and the delivery, it makes for a great stand up comedy routine, worthy of Bill Bailey’s reputation.

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