Bill Bailey: Car Rental Routine

The Car Rental stand up comedy routine is a part of Bill Bailey’s Part Troll comedy video released on DVD in 2004. Filmed at Hammersmith Apollo in London, Part Troll video shows stand up comedian Bill Bailey at his best, completely owning the stage and entertaining the audience. He is in the best comical shape and will have you laughing in no time.

Bill Bailey: Car Rental video routine is a really funny story about car rental companies and how far would they go to con you. Sadly for them, they tried to mess with the wrong guy. The stand up comedy routine Car Rental is very funny and it shows how intelligent Bill Bailey can be in twisting the rental employee’s every word until driving him to call the manager.

As Bill Bailey had used his audiences, he mixes his stand up comedy routines with music related to the subject he’s tackling. This time, his passing from acting to singing was so smooth and natural - a real part of the performance; and his coming back was exactly the same. It is like you were in a musical! To make this work you need great acting and dinging skills, you have to be a real artist, like stand up comedian Bill Bailey truly is. He has proven us one more he is one of the best stand up comedians around today. Bailey’s jokes are hilarious and his delivery is really natural and sharp.

It takes a while until you get use to his Irish accent, but it is part of his charm. Bill Bailey: Car Rental video routine is one of my personal favorite in terms of delivery and stage presence. The stand up comedian is a real musical and comedian genius.

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