Aziz Ansari: Kanye West vs. Dwight Routine

Aziz Ansari: Kanye West vs. Dwight Routine is a part of Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening stand up comedy video released on DVD on July 19, 2010. Stand up comedian Aziz Ansari makes his debut in stand up comedy with this comedy video. Ansari focuses more on his personal life experience than ethnic humor because, he says it will always be new and original.

The Kanye West vs. Dwight stand up comedy routine focuses on the other cousin of Aziz Ansari, Dwight. Dwight is Harris’ big brother and at the age of 18, he just discovered music and Kanye West. The stand up comedian really hits the spot with young children and their music culture today: they all know the new faces but they don’t even bother to do some research about the best artists of the genre. Dwight is exactly the typical teenager as described by Aziz Ansari in the Kanye West vs. Dwight video routine.

It is always fun when a stand up comedian makes his show from his own real life situations and Aziz Ansari is one of them. He always talks from his life and this way he is more confident and passionate. Because of his young age, the stand up comedian Aziz Ansari’s topics are fresh and up to date like in the Kanye West vs. Dwight video routine. He talks about one of the most popular rappers today and the conflicts around him and in the same time he makes a pretty accurate portrait of teenagers today.

Aziz Ansari is a young stand up comedian who is not afraid to express his feelings to the world. He shares his thoughts with his audience and if something in his life takes a funny turn, he will not hesitate to make a joke about it. This is exactly the situation with the Kanye West and Dwight video routine. It doesn’t matter that Aziz is talking about his cousin and a public figure, this is part of his life and is funny, and therefore he has to share it with his audience.

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