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Stand up comedian Arj Barker is one of the young talents in stand up comedy today and he is doing a good job in his stand up comedy concerts because he has the element of surprise hidden at the end of every routine. The Tolerance routine makes no exception from this comedy pattern.

Being a part of the stand up comedy video LYAO, released on DVD on 26th January 2010 and premiered by Comedy Central on 23rd January 2010, the Tolerance routine is an advice that stand up comedian Arj Barker gives us. He says that no matter what people believe in, we have to understand and tolerate them. The best part of the routine is that the stand up comedian shows us how strange people can be.

In the Toleration video routine, the stand up comedian Arj Barker talks about more than one subject just so we can see the bigger picture. He talks about religion and science, about Irish people and women. Arj’s conclusions will make you choke from all the laughter because he is fresh and gives a new and unexpected spin to things, sometimes even taking them into surreal or absurd. The stand up comedian does not exaggerate though with the absurd; he puts in just as much so you can enjoy your view.

Stand up comedian Arj Barker does not tackle philosophical subjects or burning topics. He just takes mundane events and puts them into another light, a more surprisingly funny light. It is not only his jokes that make his videos funny; his delivery is great as well. Arj has this on stage persona of an angry man which suits him just perfect. His desire to be heard and his confidence in his own delivery are the ingredients for a great stand up comedy show.

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