Arj Barker: Global Warming Routine

The Global Warming routine is one of the most surprisingly absurd and outrageously funny routines from Arj Barker’s LYAO stand up comedy video released on DVD on 26th January 2010 and premiered by Comedy Central on 23rd January 2010. The young stand up comedian Arj Barker does a great job with his LYAO comedy video. His jokes are fresh and funny.

Arj Barker is a stand up comedian who knows what he is doing on stage. It is a very admirable thing, especially given his age. Nowadays, it is hard to find such a young comedian with such a confidence in his own delivery. Arj Barker is one of those stand up comedians. He managed to create a stage persona of an angry man, but not because he has bottled up some rage inside, but because he is really passionate about what he is doing and he is confident that he will entertain his audience.

In the Global Warming routine, the stand up comedian talks about how scared is everybody for the state of our beloved planet and how it is the Earth’s fault for the global warming. As he has used us with by now, Arj Barker has a different opinion on the causes of the global warming. This routine is funny because of the novelty the stand up comedian brings to a topic that had been explored many times before.

Arj Barker in his Global Warming routine only tries to open our eyes and not look for the most complicated answer. Most of the time, the answer is just in font of us and it is the most logical approach. Of course, Arj’s video routine does go to a rather absurd side of things, but this is what makes his stand up comedy so funny and insightful at the same time. What’s more, Arj Barker’s delivery is generally clean, so you don’t have to worry about the language. If you enjoy watching Arj Barker: Global Warming routine, you will surely want to watch his entire stand up comedy video called LYAO.

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