Arj Barker: Gay Marriage Routine

Stand up comedian Arj Barker is one of the young talents in stand up comedy today and he is doing a good job in his stand up comedy concerts because he has the element of surprise hidden at the end of every routine. The Gay Marriage routine makes no exception from the comedian’s style.

Gay Marriage routine is part of Arj Barker’s stand up comedy video LYAO, released on DVD on 26th January 2010 and premiered by Comedy Central on 23rd January 2010. In this stand up comedy video, Arj Barker talks about trivial things but from an unusual perspective, sometimes going so far with the line of thinking until he reaches the absurd. But this is a good thing for Arj Barker’s comedy because there are few stand up comedians today who could take a comedy routine so far and still be funny and on the audience’s radar.

The Gay Marriage routine touches a taboo subject, reflecting the situation of gay people in the U.S.A. Stand up comedian Arj Barker manages to take us down to a misleading route with the beginning of his routine concerning his opinion on this subject. The stand up comedian starts talking about how liberal in thinking are people who live in San Francisco, including him, when it comes to gay people. The he goes on with reproducing a discussion between him and another person about the matter of gay marriage.

Arj Barker’s stand up comedy is always fresh and funny, maybe with a little drop of angriness in his delivery. You can never know how one of the stand up comedian’s routines may end and this is the exact case with the Gay Marriage routine. It all goes down to a very calm and understanding lane until it hits you at the end of the routine. The hit that Arj Barker will give you at the end of the Gay Marriage routine will make your sides hurt from laughing, like his entire LYAO stand up comedy video. It is worth watching, at least for Arj’s punchline from the end.

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