Arj Barker: Digital vs. Regular Watch Routine

The Digital vs. Regular Watch routine is part of Arj Barker’s LYAO stand up comedy video released on DVD on 26th January 2010. LYAO video is a generally clean performance in which the comedian varies the genres and tackles on relationship, comedy, social, political humor.

Stand up comedian Arj Barker has a quality that few comedians today have: he can take a joke so far and make such connections that you won’t know what hit you. It is this spicy element Arj Barker brings to sand up comedy, no matter what subject he tackles. Even if he usually talks about ordinary, day to day topic, he brings a really fresh spin on things. Even if he is young, stand up comedian Arj Barker is very confident on stage and he can create a very strong connection with the audience.

In Digital Vs Regular Watch routine, Arj Barker mainly gives us all the reasons why a digital watch is better than a regular analog watch. The arguments are not new to us, but the stand up comedian’s delivery is just outrageously funny. He walks like he owns the stage; at times he gets angry, but not because he has a lot of anger bottled up inside, it is because he is so passionate in what he is doing that he can’t express his ideas otherwise.

Comedian Arj Barker does not stop at pointing out the difference between digital and analog watches. He goes on talking about digital watches and how ridiculous are the vendors’ when trying to make you buy one. And this is the point where the Digital vs. Regular Watch routine goes a little abstract and the fun really begins.

Stand up comedian Arj Barker is one of the best young performers today. He has a delivery so clean and binned together that it can only come from his genuine talent for stand up comedy.

Quick Info Arj Barker: Digital vs. Regular Watch Routine

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