Andy Parsons How Not to Tell a Joke Routine

How Not to Tell a Joke routine is taken from the Britain’s Got Idiots stand up comedy video of Andy Parsons. Released on November 23, 2009, Britain’s Got Idiots presents stand up comedian and star of Mock the Week Andy Parsons at his best, taking on the triviality of the modern British society, the royal family or the economy.

The How Not to Tell a Joke routine can be a little bit misleading at first because you would expect to see the British stand up comedian giving advice on how not to tell a joke. But, in fact, Andy Parsons is basically rehearsing a joke with the audience’s help. Only a man with Parsons’ skills and confidence could make up this kind of a routine, making the audience take the blame for the joke’s failure and not his acting skills.

Even if the How Not to Tell a Joke routine may look like an error in Andy Parsons’ stand up comedy video, it is just part of his show. You can easily hear the audience having a great time while the stand up comedian tries again and again to pull it off with the joke. What Andy Parsons is doing is not an error at all. He is a British genius when it comes to stand up comedy and his jokes aren’t all the time easy to take in.

Stand up comedian Andy Parson is not the nicest comedian out there. He is raw; he can irritate a lot of people but in the same time can amuse a bunch of other people. It all depends on how easily offended you are. Generally, Parsons stand up comedy is highly political, but it is nice sometimes to hear radical good sense spoken in front of 2,000 people. Because people really enjoy Andy Parsons’ stand up comedy, given the big number of people attending his shows every single time he performs in front of a live audience.

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