Alex Reymundo: Starbucks Routine

Stand-up comedian Alex Reymundo is one of the most famous Latino stand-up comedians today. He is Latino and he doesn’t try to hide it. On contrary, he is so proud of his origins that he mixes the languages. He talks in English but also in Spanish and this is part of his personal signature as a stand-up comedian.

The Starbucks routine is part of Alex Reymundo’s Hick-Spanic stand-up comedy video. The comedian Alex Reymundo talks about how gay is for a Latino man to go to Starbucks and ask for a “triple tall vanilla latte, half decaf, half soy”. He states that Starbucks “brings out a gay gene in people”. The way he acts as if he owns the stage convinces you that his words are true.

Stand-up comedian Alex Reymundo is bold, he tells the things as they are and he is not afraid to push boundaries. This is the exact situation with the Starbucks routine. He talks about people, especially Latino men, who go to Starbucks as if they transform themselves into gay people. He mixes English word with Spanish expression and he does it good. He is not afraid to touch homophobic subjects and, what is more, it can turn any dull subject like asking for coffee at Starbucks, into a stand-up routine that will make you laugh.

Stand-up comedian Alex Reymundo has a terrific chemistry with the audience and he uses it, like any other good comedian would. He is spontaneous and very inventive. You will se this at the end of this Starbucks routine, when he creates a connection with a women in the audience which will take a rather unexpected but yet hilarious twist.

If you want to watch more of Alex Reymundo’s routines, you should watch the entire stand-up comedy video called Hick-Spanic.

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