Ahmed Ahmed: Airports Routine

Ahmed Ahmed’s stand up comedy routine Airports is part of the Axis of Evil Comedy video released on DVD on April 3, 2007. The video Axis of Evil Comedy is a stand up comedy show performed by Ahmed Ahmed, Aron Kader, and Maz Jobrani. The stand up comedians talk about the Muslim’s life in the U.S.A and about the Muslim culture.

In the Airports video routine, stand up comedian Ahmed Ahmed talks about how hard a Muslim can get on a plain, especially when his name is Ahmed Ahmed. It is remarkably how the stand up comedian can talk about the problems he encounters every time he want to go on a plain. His hilarious stories about the airport security will have you laughing in no time because even if he talks about serious matters, Ahmed can still turn them into funny life stories.

In the light of current events, when a Muslim wants to take a flight it is not exactly easy. In Airports routine, stand up comedian Ahmed Ahmed shares his experiences as a plain passenger. Even if he may exaggerate at times, it is only because he wants to underline the whole craziness when it comes to Muslim airplane passengers. The airport security is so rigorous and everybody is so suspicious when they see a Muslim that it takes a big amount of time and metal strength to finally get on the plain. And even if you go on a plain, there is a chance you get kicked off. This is one of Ahmed’s true stories and he shares it with us in his own hilarious way.

Ahmed Ahmed’s Airports routine is as funny as it is true, but this situation has given him one more topic to show us how funny he can be. He does not complain about his situation, but you have to admit that when there is a Middle East terrorist with the same name, it is not exactly easy to get on board of a plain.

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