Adam Ferrara: Parent's Voice Mail Routine

The American-Italian stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara talks about his parents getting old together. In this specific routine, he humorously describes the moment when his parents got an answering machine and had to record a voice mail message. The stand-up video routine Parent’s Voice Mail can be found in the stand-up video concert Funny As Hell.

The Parent’s Voice Mail routine is used by stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara to describe how his parent’s relationship evolved along more than forty years of marriage. With his voice imitation skills, he roll-plays his mother and father. Absolutely funny! It is already known that he can take ordinary things and make them outrageously funny. This is the case with his Parent’s Voice Mail routine.

Stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara starts this routine by telling the audience about his parents who, after forty years of marriage, they still fight like in the first day. So, Adam Ferrara gives us a simple example: answering the phone. It is nearly a custom in his family that the father never answers the phone. Why? He has his own strong and irrefutable reasons, of course. The way that he tells his father’s reasons for not answering the phone are more funny that the reasons themselves.

Trying to solve the problem, the stand-up comedian decides to buy them an

answering machine

and this is the part where it gets even funnier. When they have to record a message, the mother encourages his husbands to be the man of the house. The message is so funny but truthful in the same time that you will surely want to put it on your voice mail as well.

The Parent’s Voice Mail routine is yet another example of stand-up comedian’s Adam Ferrara comedic talent. His mimics and verbalization will put you on the best mood; it takes only to watch this video routine. And if you watch this, you will want more; it’s like a drug which does no harm to you. So, you should watch the entire Funny As Hell stand-up comedy video.

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