Adam Ferrara: Panic Attack Routine

Stand up comedian Adam Ferrara’s Panic Attack routine is part of his stand up comedy show Funny as Hell, released on DVD on April 14, 2009. The funny man talks about how awful is a panic attack and how it affects your life.

The Panic Attack routine is an Adam Ferrara trademark routine. The stand up comedian is truly talented. He knows how to turn everyday facts intro a stand up comedy routine that will put you in stitches from laughing. Ferrara states the fact that even if it is recommended to talk to someone when you are having a panic attack, this will only make it worse. Why? Because it will make a man seem not that masculine any more.

Well, panic attacks are serious matter, but stand up comedian Adam Ferrara can make it seem really funny. Of course, you have to treat them, so you go to a therapist. Here comes out the Italian from Adam Ferrara, with what can be the funniest punch line of the whole Panic Attack routine: "I'm such anItalian, too. He didn't get nothin’ outta me."

In the Panic Attack routine, stand up comedian Adam Ferrara also talks about taking Zoloft to treat the panic attacks and the side effects of the drug. It is simply hilarious, especially when you see the stand up comedian and his facial expressions. He is so expressive that you don’t even have to hear what he is saying. Just watching him can get make your belly hurt from all the laughter.

Stand up comedian Adam Ferrara doesn’t use big words, doesn’t talk about big things. He takes ordinary events and turns them into outrageously funny stand up comedy routines. Even if you have had panic attack and you know that they are no jokes, when you watch the Panic Attack routine you can’t stay serious, it is too funny.

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