Adam Ferrara: Nazi Pope Routine

Stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara, in The Nazi Pope Routine talks about the German Pope. This video routine is a part of his stand-up comedy video Funny As Hell released in 2009.

It is absolutely funny how stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara works with his body in this video routine. And the German accent works on him perfectly. He truly is a great comedian. Some people may feel offended, though: the very religious and the Germans. But Adam Ferrara feels totally aware of this thing and he is not that critical. He is smooth but exactly on the spot.

All along the Nazi Pope Routine, stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara never mentions the word Nazi or Hitler’s name, but it is all obvious. I think it is better this way. He talks enough with his body, he transcends words. His witty humor just gives you stomach aches from all the laughter. He ingeniously chooses his words and expressions so that you can easily see what happens in his head during the routine.

There are few comedians nowadays who can give mundane events just the twits they need to become outrageously funny and stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara is one of them. His German accent in the tip of the iceberg and when he mingles English-accent words spoken with germane accent and some germane word makes it extremely funny.

Who would have thought that a visit to New York from the Pope could be so hilarious? Well, stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara did, and he did good to us all. I don’t want to spoil your fun by giving you more details. I recommend you to watch Adam Ferrara’s The Nazi Pope routine and have a really good time. You can also watch the entire stand-up comedy concert Funny As Hell for more hilarious routines.

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