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Richard Pryor is one of the most innovative standup comedian of his time. His real genius resided onstage in the hazy smoke-filled concert hall, microphone in hand.Now you can watch his earliest stand-up days at the New York Improvisation. Live & Smokin was taped on April 29, 1971 capturing many classic Pryor routines.

We see a young standup comedian Richard Pryor working on perfecting the kind of material that made him famous – Live & Smokin’. From start to finish, Pryor is laying himself bare being completely honest and in the moment, without a care as to whether the audience is "with" him or not.

When Richard Pryor transforms himself into Willy the Junkie, makes this standup performance a classic for the art of standup comedy. At first, it seems like a harmless, amusing caracature, but soon it transforms itself into a horrifyingly honest portrayl. It isn't funny in a traditional way but it shows what Pryor is best at: exploring the area that most people spend their whole lives trying to avoid--The Rock Bottom.

It is always a thrill to see how standup comedian Richard Pryor did in his early days and this is the perfect video. To see the beginnings of a man who would redefine comedy forever is a joy. Live & Smokin’ standup performance was done before he was considered a "top" comedian. He wasn't as sophisticated and polished, but he was still funny.

Watching Richard Pryor’s Live & Smokin’ is like stepping back in time and re- experiencing the year 1971 through the eyes of a conscience human being, philosopher and brilliant comedian. This stand up comedy may make you feel uncomfortable because it is the Human Comedy, both funny and painful.

The final Wino-Junkie part shows what a great actor Pryor could be. Slightly nervous, stand up comedian Richard Pryor’s Live & Smokin’ shows him trying to find his true comedic voice. Pryor was fearless and bold. Not every stand up comedian is up talking about delicate matters of life in front of a crowd and still have what it takes to be funny.

If you appreciate Pryor's work, watching Live & Smokin’ online is a revelation. Watching this standup comedy performance is like catching a perfect sincere glimpse of the ’70 along with the bare truth about life, rase, addictions.

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