Orny Adams: Takes the Third Video!

Orny Adams Takes the Third is a stand-up comedy video directed by Manny Rodriguez, the actor is Orny Adams. The performance was produced at Image Entertainment, DVD released on 2nd November 2010 at lasts for 69 minutes.

In Takes the Third the comedian deals with things that annoy him, clearly speaking his mind. His angry attitude and the accurate observations and jokes he makes are not just funny, but build up exactly the right behavior an audience is expecting from a stand-up comedian nowadays. The comedian serves joke after joke in every bit of his show, refreshing jokes that keep his audience engaged every second, not to mention the great deal of laughter he receives as feedback from the fans.

Orny Adams is, in this stand-up comedy show, at the top of his game, deconstructing the modern world, dealing with postmodern chaos, getting angry on people just accepting most of the crappy things happen to them day by day, on people indulging in unresolved problems that occupy most of their days and eat their energy. With this kind of attitude and the right background the stand-up performance of the comedian Orny Adams is to become an instant classic.

The comedian is smart, witty, delivering quality humor to everyone who can take it. Adams’ style in Takes the Third is clean, intelligent, almost curse free. He makes use of edgy and observational routines and sketches, yet relaxing and serious comedy, which sounds like a paradox, but Orny Adams makes it possible. That is a part of his extremely sapient talent the comedian possesses. The guy is without any shade of doubt an artist, an artist of stand-up shows and of intelligent comedy.

Nowadays, when most of us tend to become immune to stand-up comedy, or maybe even to comedy in general, an Orny Adams with a comedy show like Takes The Third is guaranteed to change our day and squeeze out every little laughter out of our body.

Buy and watch Takes the Third from Orny Adams and he will shortly become one of your favorite comedians ever!

Quick Info Orny Adams: Takes the Third Video!

  • Video Name: Takes the Third
  • Release Date: November 3, 2010
  • Recorded at: Image Entertainment Studio
  • Duration: 69 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): orny adams video | 2010 |

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