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Lewis Black's performance in Lewis Black: Black on Broadway is perfect if you love his sputtering, furious rants on the fake news. During this stand-up comedy concert, comedian Lewis Black spits out his grievances against typical stand-up comedy subjects in his usual, direct style. Released on January 25, 2005, this stand-up comedy act will have you bursting into laughs.

Stand-up comedian Lewis Black starts most jokes in a conversational tone of voice, yelling angrily. He is the angry guy who's angry at the world. Black works the crowd with all the skill and experience of a veteran stand-up comic. He is also well-known for having a good sense of timing. He knows just the right amount of beats between the set-up and punch-line of a joke.

In stand-up comedy act Black on Broadway, not only Blacks’ jokes are funny but how he delivers them-in an angry, exasperated way of someone in danger of having an aneurysm. The stand-up comedian understands and acknowledges that the world is really turned up side down and that there may be nothing we can do but at least we can have some fun complaining about it.

Lewis Black, in Black on Broadway is angry about a lot of things. For starters, he talks about the weather, the government, corporate greed, and the lack of clean water. Mainly, he is staging stupidity of human existence. This performance shows him to be a true satirist and social critic.

Early on, stand-up comedian Lewis Black gives us a pitch-perfect characterization of the two political parties, coupled with a tirade on the economy that's surprisingly spot-on no matter what your political leanings are.

The Black on Broadway stand-up comedy show continues with Blacks’ discussion of Americans' obnoxious reflexive patriotism, the current misguided health mania, and comparisons between the current terrorism fears and the nuclear paranoia of his childhood.

It is better if you watch online Lewis Black- Black on Broadway before you buy the DVD, to see the stand-up comedian providing a rare voice of reason, even if that voice is filled with rage and spite. While Black doesn't suggest much in the way of making the world better, he does at least let us have some laughs at the absurdity of our lives.

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