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Stand-up comedian Katt Williams (aka Money Mike) in The Pimp Chronicles Part 1 showcases his laugh out loud comedic talents in his first stand-up comedy DVD taped in front of a live audience. Filmed at The Atlanta Civic Center on April 15th, 2006, Katt Williams draws on his own personal experiences and his edgy take on life to bring the house down with laughter. In this hilarious 60-minute performance, with his unique personality, pimpesque charisma, and endless supply of original jokes, Williams really makes the room blow up in laughter. Special appearances include Snoop Dog and Lil Jon.

As soon as Anthony Anderson introduces stand-up comedian Katt Williams to the stage and then the laughter begins. Katt touches many subjects such as the affects of weed, drugs, haters, gayness, and the war in Iraq, children, drinking, white, black, and Spanish people.One of the funniest parts of The Pimp Chronicles Part 1 stand-up comedy act is when Katt talks about Michael Jackson climbing trees in Neverland. This is just a great stand-up comedy act.

Expect to start laughing from the moment Katt Williams takes the stage in his bright green suit. Stand-up comedian Katt Williams also relates to dancing, what he has learned from being in Hollywood, haters, being shot and much more. He is just a five foot pimp that walks around telling things the way they are. His comedy is hilarious but it's truthful.

In The Pimp Chronicles Part 1 stand-up comedy performance, he delivers quick wit, humorous charm and notoriously funny scenarios. The jokes are crisp and original; his style and presentation unique; his physical humor spellbinding - with great usage of facial expression and tonality he makes people laugh at each other and laugh at themselves.

You should really watch online The Pimp Chronicles Part 1 stand-up comedy act performed by the incredible funny Katt Williams before you buy the DVD. His pace varies from fast to hectic. With all things combined- the tone of his voice, his pimp style attire, his topics of interest, Kat Williams’s brakes trough like no other has done for years. The overall story to the whole act is don't take life for granted and don't let the little things interfere with your life.

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