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Comedian Katt Williams, in stand-up comedy Live performs one of his funniest stand-up acts. Released in 26 September 2006 and filmed in his hometown Cincinnati, Williams says and does exactly what he feels, provoking nonstop laughter on everything from sex, relationships and parenthood to his shattered L.A. illusions.

Katt Williams Live stand-up comedy show starts out with a brief montage detailing the police-inflicted violence that plagued the city of Cincinnati when the concert was taped and a radio interview with Williams that perfectly sets up the show.

Live stand-up comedy special has Katt Williams doing observational comedy based on rather mundane topics like malls, rims, and how nice white folks are compared to black folks, the reasons why weed is good, and a few weed experiences. What makes him funnier is that he says the truth, the funniest things about the honest truth.

Katt Williams in the stand-up comedy Live shows that he understands how to mix comedic genius with insight. Some of his comedy gets repetitive over the years but nonetheless, it never loses any of its humor. He talks about everything in Cincinnati : weather in Cincinnati, neighborhoods in Cincinnati, crack dealers, shopping in Cincinnati, haters in Cincinnati, gas prices being too high; basketball, spelling, Math, commercials and the list goes on. But the most popular are the bit about single parenthood and baby mommas.

Because the Live show is about life in Cincinnati, Katts’ hometown, and also filmed there, it is intimate and it shows by how he connects with his audience. It feels like you are there watching it. Some might think there’s a lot of senseless cursing, but it is all part of the show. So it is not recommended for the easily offended or young children. But for stand-up comedian Katt Williams’ fans, it will de like a shot of adrenalin.

It is highly recommended to watch Katt Williams- live online before you purchase the DVD, so you can see the way the stand-up comedian connects with his audience like few other comedians do. He will get all fans rolling on the floor laughing as he pimps out some street-savvy advice and outrageously funny observations. Like Katt used his audience, the perfectly hilarious facial expressions won’t be missing from his performance, as they have become one of Williams’ trademarks.

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