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Stand-up comedian Katt Williams returns on DVD in American Hustle: The Movie, released on November 20, 2007. Directed by Brit McAdams and written by Brit McAdams and Katt Williams, this show is considered to be the sequel of The Pimp Chronicles Part 1.

Comedian Katt Williams presents a story about returning to his roots. Katt is offered the opportunity to become a major Hollywood player in a musical penguin movie where he is casted in increasingly ridiculous and stereotyped roles. Instead, he rounds up his crew of Luenell, Red and Melanie and hits the road in a wild cross-country comedy tour. Features special appearances by Jeremy Piven, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Tamela Jones.

The start of the movie is a bit slow. Once Katt and his friends go off to tour our around the country is when the real fun begins. The four comics and Katt's dog hit the road for 20-city, 40-show tour that eventually culminates to the final show in Chicago. And it is at this point that viewers are treated to the feature-length concert footage of Katt Williams. A lot of laughs ensue as Katt and friends meet some weird and wonderful people on their travels.

It all start from his mansion and he's pick up his friends and go on a road trip from city to city doing their stand up comedy, to then end up at their final destination Chi-town, better known as Chicago Illinois.

Stand-up comedian Katt Williams first starts with his introduction how ever thing in life is a hustle, working at the library, working in McDonalds and he goes on about the different hustles in life.

In American Hustle, Katt Williams also talks about relationships and what we have to do to maintain a good relationship with our partners, how to relate to them, and what each sex is looking for, talking about what you have to do as a parent with gangster children at a young age.

American Hustle evolves mostly around Katt's stand-up, a routine that can basically be deemed The Pimp Chronicles 2. The material is original and will have you laughing out loud. Comedian Katt Williams and his friends treat the fans with noting less than hilarious material, with Luenell giving the funniest anecdotes of the three. And of course Katt's spin on life, love, and relationships is on par with everything else that the budding star has showcased, including its predecessor The Pimp Chronicles Part 1. It is better if you watch online American Hustle’s Katt Williams movie before you buy the DVD for catching a glimpse of the action.

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