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Released on DVD on November 2, 2010, the show 9 Lives is a real-deal documentary tracks stand-up comedian’s Katt Williams rise from young stand-up to one of the most watched entertainer of our days. Along with never-seen footage from early stand-up performances and backstage glimpses of Williams at work, the film includes interviews with Jeremy Piven, Damon Wayans, Snoop Dogg and Kathy Griffin.

9 Lives footage of Kate Williams at work, doing what he knows best is highly recommended to his fans who are interested in his life, early work and all the struggles he overcome to get where he is today. Fans will find it interesting to be able to get inside the head of such a brilliant comedian.

This show is a testament to the amount of hard work it takes to be a successful comedian and why Katt Williams is among the best stand-up comedians today. For who hadn't followed his early career, it would be great to see some of his old stand-up, and get a little better understanding of the man himself.

In 9 Lives, stand-up comedian Katt Williams is revealed to us as a normal person who does his job like anyone else. You can find interesting things on this DVD like the late-night TV appearance clips and some old unreleased stand-up footage.

9 Lives, brings you the real Katt Williams on and off stage. One of the things it teaches is how much he loves his fans and will never stop or say he doesn’t have the time. A few good stories where he gave out money to fans at a show and showing love to his cast enhanced the off screen Williams.Once it came to the last 15 minutes, everything is pretty sad. It chronicled his arrests and having his friends give their take on it. Even his supposed trouble with the I.R.S. was talked about.

9 Lives is the perfect documentation for the man who revolutionized the stand-up comedy world. If you watch online Katt Williams – 9 Lives it is sure you will buy it and complete you DVD collection. It contains no filler or boring parts discussing unnecessary things. Everything is straight to the point and ready to reveal the true stand-up comedian and actor Katt Williams.

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