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Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard performs live at Wembley Arena in London. He brings his wry wit and absurd observations in front of a sold-out crowd of 44,000. Eddie’s show was released on DVD on November 3, 2009. In this stand-up comedy act, the comedian deals with important issues ranging from Medusa's hair care, fighting sharks, dentistry, and the universal hatred of houseflies.

In this live performance at Wembley Arena, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard unleashes a torrent of his well-known wry and rambling observations on life's little absurdities, like animals, history and a hefty dose of silliness, leaping from one topic to another as the spirit moves.

As stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard talks about Greek heroes, the discovery of fire and shares his thoughts on guide dogs and annoying bugs, his is in total control of the stage. Eddie’s charismatic stand-up comedy act makes you fall under his sway.

In this stand-up comedy performance Live from Wembley, comedian Eddie Izzard’s outfit is fabulous — mini-skirt, fishnets, heels, jacket and a bustier. He also is sporting earrings and some glamorous makeup.

Eddie Izzard’s opening few minutes are among the funniest. He starts with some funny material about cross-dressing and talks about his breasts. This is certainly no more manic or free-associative than he normally is. He is able to bring comedy to subjects that people normally wouldn't touch, such as religion and Star Wars into stories that will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Even if some people say this performance looks a lot like Sexy show, Eddie's stand-up comedy shows are never the same, he's always changing bits, indeed even his recorded shows are never the same with the audio tape, CDs and video recordings of his early shows all being different. The auditory component to his pantomimes has really become strong; it adds a cool new layer.

It is always fun to see Eddie Izzard work his way through a set in his unique way and to see him reach his jokes in a more roundabout way. The Live from Wembley stand-up comedy performance makes no exception. It is highly recommended to watch first online Live from Wembley, but don't expect brand new material. He's undeniably smart and yet willing to come across as completely goofy. This makes it sure that you'll connect with him, if you like smart stand-up comedy.

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