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Stand-up comedian Eddie Griffin once again proves why he is one of the funniest man alive in his performance Freedom of Speech, released in April 8, 2008.Eddie Griffin showcases his stand-up comedian talents in this hilarious concert filmed in front of a live audience in Atlanta, GA.

Griffin is best known for his starring role as the soulful secret agent in the film Undercover Brother and for his co starring roles, along side funnyman Rob Schneider, in the Deuce Bigalaw film franchise. A good comedian will make you laugh. A great comedian will make you laugh and think. A classic comedian will make you laugh, think, get angry, and laugh again. Eddie certainly made it to the classics.

In this hilarious 90 minute stand-up comedy act, Griffin talks about his own experiences and his edgy take on life to bring the house down with laughter. With his unique personality, keen insight and endless supply of original jokes, the stand-up comedian lives the audience with abdominal pains from all the laughter.

Eddie Griffin, in Freedom of Speech goes for an hour and forty five minutes without taking a break. His thoughts move fast, so you've got to think to keep up. No circling around to fill in his time.

The stand-up comedian takes advantage to every inch of his freedom of speech and he says things you are not supposed to say. His critical point of view turns out, in the end, to be quite coherent. He has a range of voices and physical routines that delight.

The last bit of the set is a series of impressions of Richard Pryor that make your hair stand on end. Griffin very much seems to many fans to be, at the moment the only comedian really carrying on Pryor's tradition anymore.

You should watch online first Eddie Griffins stand-up comedy act. He spends this entire DVD spitting truth, and in the classic Eddie Griffin style. Easily one of the most underrated funniest comics in a minute. This stand-up comedy performance can have you on the floor just laughing your head off.

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