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The stand up comedian Bruce Bruce is ‘Losin’ It’ in his latest live performance at the historic Wilbur Theatre. He first came up through the Atlanta scene but he chose to film his special in Boston. With a passion for his craft, he infects his fans with laughter, leaving them wanting more.

He is the big man who delivers plus- sized laughs in his own style, well-known by stand up comedy fans, and the performance Losin’ It is nothing less than he used us with.Bruce talks about life as it is, plain and simple. But for the audience, his perspectives on life give them tummy aches from all the laughter. He points out the differences between white men and black men, and how the black would rather talk to each other about something wrong it’s going to happen to you than worn you about it.

Also, the stand up comedian Bruce speaks about his family of all big fellows and their habits as well as dieting, big girls and other topics under the ‘Big’ category.In this stand up comedy act – Losin’ It, Bruce does his best job when he gives sexual advice and discusses his various encounters with the ladies. The kids today vs. us growing up back then is another topic that catches the laughter at any time, but Bruce gives to the performance a special perspective because of the characters he creates for the stand up act.

Among other great moments that dazzles the audience are the Alzheimer’s bit and the People Do Stupid Sh!t routine. But when he talks about dating younger women and going to church he really hits the spot and makes all audience feel like they are Losin’ It.

Losin’ It performance closes with a good local comedy bit on Boston, a routine about Bruce’s mom who just passed away and also he bring to life and puts his signature on a very old joke about a man and a parrot.

It’s best if you watch online Bruce Bruce’s ‘Losin’ It’ and buy the DVD later, after you are convinced that he is truly hilarious. You will see that this stand up comedian can make audiences break into laughter not only during his act, but also for ours afterwards as you recall the things he says.

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