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Recorded at the Chicago Theater in 1986, we find the hilarious Bill Cosby, at the age of 49, looking back on his life as he approaches 50. The stand up comedy act 49 presents the humor of achieving middle age in a 67- minutes performance.

"I'm 49 years old. It's a reality." – this is how Bill Cosby starts his deadly hilarious performance. The comedian talks about how your body becomes more different as you grow older. He explains how even the shopping changes when you approach a certain middle age.

Bill Cosby's 49 observations of the aging process are so universal and so hilarious that anyone over 30 can relate to his experiences. Suddenly, age related struggles like memory glitches, and failing eyesight, became incredibly funny.

Taking life and showcasing it in all its foolishness, flavored with his dry wit and observations, Bill Cosby’s stand up comedy acts are a continuous belly laugh. It makes particularly comforting knowing that you are not alone in the aging process. So everybody should have some fun watching this stand up comedian.

Bill Cosby’s 49 live stand up performance is a perfect gift for all your friends who are turning 50. It will lift up their spirits and make them look their up-coming life with different eyes.Nothing remains the same after you have watched Bill Cosby performing 49, not even your breath because you will lose it shortly after the beginning of the show. It’s just a hilarious way of perceiving all problems as you get old. The way it affects you, your loved ones is not always very pleasant, but Bill makes life at 50 look more fun that you ever imagined.

Bill Cosby is the master humorist, veteran stand-up comedian and the 49 show lift up your soul and let you enjoy life as it is, no matter if you are young and especially if you are on the edge of turning 50. You should really take a glimpse of his elixir watching online Bill Cosby’s 49 stand up comedy performance before you purchase the DVD. It is really an oldie but Goldie performance that it will definitely never go out of age.

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