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Live Onstage is a stand-up comedy show from the well known actor Tim Allen, produced at Morada Vision Studio, DVD released on 20th June 2006 and it has a runtime of 110 minutes. It includes two stand-up comedy concerts: Men are Pigs and Rewires America, in which original routines from the Tool Man are included, and which also inspired Home Improvement. Also, on the DVD are included a short interview with the artist and a never released 5-minute Docu-comic from Tim Allen.

The stand-up comedian Tim Allen builds up a stand-up comedy show to remind us of his talent as an actor on his TV shows, of his movie screens and of the times he was just starting his career as a stand-up comedian, when he was just another fresh man in the business.

The two comic sets are great. But even better is the short interview. It’s really great hearing and watching stand-up comedian Tim Allen talking about his career, about detailing the Art of comedy, where Allen happily shares his beginning in comedy. His strong personality and the leisure way in which he stands up in front of such a big mass of people and talks, very comfortable with himself, he acts like he is telling jokes in the groups of his friends, which is amazing.

In Live Onstage video the comedian makes use of his creativity of showing differences between men and women, using a kind of “tool language”, which is pretty cool and addressed strictly to those who can recast it. What Tim Allen does in Live Onstage video is man stuff at his best, offering us who are watching him the healthy belly laughs we need once in a while and we expect from a good, valuable stand-up comedian.

Watch Tim Allen Live Onstage stand-up comedy video and learn from a classic how are things in the business of comedy and acting, especially if you like those backstage moments. It is worth seeing this DVD more than once, to hear more and more the funny jokes Allen makes. Watch it and enjoy it!

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