Tim Allen: Comedy Superstars Men Are Pigs

Tim Allen’s Men Are Pigs is a thirty-minute stand-up comedy show written by Tim Allen, directed by Ellen Brown. Alongside the well known actor in Men Are Pigs also appears John Schmidt. The video is produced at Paramount, VHS released on 1st May 1995. The video also appears on Tim Allen’s Live Onstage DVD, together with Rewires America show.

In Men Are Pigs video the stand-up comedian Tim Allen has brilliantly woven routines and jokes on the big differences between men and women, their daily struggles, all the obvious reasons why there are so much gender jokes and gender miscommunication, and a lot more of the business. Discussing the ironies of life as we know it and live it, Tim Allen makes us wonder about some of the aspects of life, after offering us a few good laughs on a matter. That’ true talent.

Stand-up comedian Tim Allen puts in this video the groundwork of his successful show Home Improvement. In his stand-up comedy and in his general comedy altogether, Tim Allen deals with life, life in the most common situations. Allen always adds in his own version of life, which is a relating sketch used to make the audience sympathize more for him.

Personally, I prefer this kind of stand-up comedy over the same old classical jokes stand-up comedians use in order to build up their shows. The way in which Allen deals with stand-comedy shows that he is not only engaged, but that he also loves entertaining his public. Watching him I feel like the most important of his fans, and I’m sure it’s the feeling everyone has at his performances.

Although is a short comedy routine, Men are Pigs video from Tim Allen’s Comedy Superstars is a great video to watch. It’s quality, fun and entertaining. Watch Tim Allen Comedy Superstars Men Are Pigs and have a few good laughs over situations you have been surely gone through not just once. Enjoy a good stand-up comedy video from a very talented comedian, Tim Allen.

Quick Info Tim Allen: Comedy Superstars Men Are Pigs

  • Video Name: Comedy Superstars Men Are Pigs
  • Release Date: 1995
  • Recorded at: Paramount
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): tim allen video |

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