Tim Allen: Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen

Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen is a stand-up comedy show from Tim Allen, together with John Fox, Joey Gaynor, Bill Hicks, and Stephanie Hodge. The show is written by Leonard Wong, Lenny Wong and produced at D3k studio, the DVD was released on 25th January 2000 and it has a runtime of 97 minutes. At the writing of the show participated, alongside others, the stand-up comedian Chris Rock.

Tim Allen has very much tamed his stand-up comedy performance nowadays, moving into more social irony and satire and renouncing at vulgarity and raw language. This was not the case in his video Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen where the dirty sense of comedy, offensive jokes and language, rude, crude gestures and foul mouth are at ease. This video sets a pretty great difference with Allen’s latest shows which are very much cleaner and friendlier than Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen.

The stand-up comedy video Comedy Dirtiest Dozen is a very good chance to see some of the old famous comedians in action at the beginning of the stand-up road they later took. The video is a great opportunity to watch not just the above mentioned stars, but also the late, great Bill Hicks on camera, another talented and entertaining comedian. There is also one more aspect it should be mentioned: a lot of acts from this video went on and did television shows and movies. So this video could be viewed as a Bible, from which came the inspiration later in the field of show-business.

In Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen Tim Allen’s performance is the pick of the brunch. Although short, his routine is brilliant, funny, raw, gender based, witty, poignant. The comedian addresses to those who have a mindset in this kind of humor, delivering joke after joke in a time when people needed them more.

Watch Tim Allen Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen if fan of any of the stars, or simply because you don’t have to miss a classic video, a source for all the quality humor which you heard later on TV, radio or even witnessed.

Quick Info Tim Allen: Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen

  • Video Name: Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Recorded at: D3k
  • Duration: 97 min
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): tim allen video |

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