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Standup Comic is Woody Allen’s audio show, recorded in April 20, 1999 by Rhino/Wea. This is a stand-up single CD compilation of three albums that Woody Allen released in the 1960's with a run time of 76 minutes. The CD contains some of Woody Allen's best material from his early stand-up days.

When it comes about Woody Allen, you either love him or hate him. There’s not much middle ground. Everyone knows Woody's movies but few are familiar with the fact that Woody Allen was a brilliant stand-up comedian before he became a famous film-maker. Woody Allen fans who still remember him before he got involved in writing and directing films, you must agree with me that this is him at his best. Some of the jokes on this album later turned up in his movies. Somehow I don't think he'll ever go back to standup comedy. It's our loss.

The material of the CD itself is brilliant and is pure comic genius from beginning to end. The comedian has an original stand up style, so easy and free-flowing. His ideas are simple, but genius and his stories are hilarious. Woody Allen uses words with such perfection and has so many "laugh lines” that it's hard to imagine how he could have possibly written them all in succession. I think he's one of the funniest men alive, to which this show gives perfect testament. Allen's humor wasn't political or extremely. The comedian knows how to play with words and he is for sure above and beyond most comedians.

Those who have seen Woody Allen's films are familiar with the topics from this Standup Comic: his family, Judaism, growing up in New York, his disastrous relationships with women, his relatives, the trip in Paris. Classic sketches such as ”The Moose", "Down South", “The Perfect Bit” "The Great Renaldo" and "Science Fiction Film" are absolutely hilarious and will keep you laughing for days. Whether you are into standup comedy or not, this should be required listening.

If you're going to buy just one CD that will keep you young with the healing power of laughter, make it this one! This stand up compilation it’s worth buying. Just turn off your radio and listen to this CD on your way to work and your day will be better.

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