Shelley Berman: On Location With Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman: On Location With Shelley Berman is a stand-up comedy show from the late 1970s, produced by Standing Room Only Studio, DVD released on 6th December 2006, with a run time of 80 minutes. Stand-up comedian Shelley Berman presents in this video some of his best known routines, such as The Mechanical Heart, The department Store, Little Embarrassing Moments and also Language Barrier. As a bonus, Berman includes in this DVD a moving tributo his father, the man that supported and stood beside him.

Stand-up comedian Shelley Berman characterizes the best the humor from 1970s. Berman’s style is dry, articulate, sarcastic, with poignant observations and constructive irony. His comedic timing cannot be surpassed, as Shelley Berman got better and funnier as he aged; also the funnyman never got rid of his razor sharp sarcasm, which is the feature that characterizes Berman shortly but completely and distinguishes him from all the other comedians of the late 1970s.

On Location With Shelley Berman video presents a classic comedian who is better known for playing Larry David’s father on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The stand-up comedian now takes the stage at Chicago’s Playboy Club, acting on HBO in the On Location series. The video is one of the most enjoyable stand-up shows ever made, with classical jokes that never get old, entertaining the audience at maximum.

If there is something I really enjoy about elder stand-up comedians is their ability of presenting quality humor, without any obsessive motifs, without perverted subjects. Such a stand-up comedian is Shelley Berman, whom, when I watch, I get the feeling that this man is getting better and better while the video goes on. If I ever regret something while watching Shelley Berman is the fact that I couldn’t be in the audience to witness a live performance of any of his stand-up comedy routines.

Watch Shelley Berman’s video On Location With Shelley Berman and enjoy his best routines in a hilarious, most entertaining stand-up comedy show. The video is a must have in your stand-up comedy collection.

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