Sandra Bernhard: Without You I'm Nothing

Without You I’m Nothing is a stand-up comedy video from Sandra Bernhard, together with actors John Doe, Steve Antin, Lou Leonard, and Ken Foree, directed by John Boskovich, produced at MGM, DVD released on 23rd August 2005.

In the stand-up performance Sandra Bernhard is first a jazz vocalist, then a stand-up comedian and then a soul singer. Although she plays numerous roles, she is always Sandra Bernhard, the funny and entertaining stand-up comedian we all know, telling the stories that come mostly from her own life and building up routines about celebrities, another one of her obsession. In this particular video she picks on Barbra Streisand and Andy Warhol. Bernhard also sings and comments about her colleagues that accompany her in the video, and then she dances. What she puts together on the stage and presents to us in this video can be a little confusing at times, but, as she herself states: “My father is a proctologist, my mother is an abstract artist. That’s how I view the world.”

Without You I’m Nothing video spares no sensibilities, as usually for stand-up comedian Sandra Bernhard. The comedian’s material and routines is a wonderful and relaxing experience. Sandra Bernhard does not know fear as she sings, jokes, dances, tells stories to a rather critic audience; Bernhard performs as for herself, devoted body and soul to comedy, irony and satire. She is the ultimate sage of these days, and the way the stand-up comedian digs through American culture is unique, creative, and brilliant.

Watching stand-up comedian Sandra Bernhard is like watching a picture composed of everything she tells. Her ability of creating in your head the perfect mental picture is amazing, especially as she relates everything to her personal experience and life. She’s not just a talented stand-up comedian, but also a very good singer and actress.

Stand-up comedian Sandra Bernhard presents another video full of quality comedy, a classic performance that should not be missed, specially designed and developed for the American society. So watch Sandra Bernhard Without You I’m Nothing stand-up comedy video and enjoy raw, in your face, sarcastic humor.

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