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Robin Williams’ stand-up comedy concert Live on Broadway is a mature comedian's view of quotidian things related to power, prejudice, and paranoia in the 21st century. Released on DVD in November 19, 2002, the stand-up comedy performance is nothing less than a perfect comedy concert, trademark of already notorious Robin Williams.

Stand-up comedian Robin Williams talks about politics, his breast fetishism, he takes on Martha Stewart facing prison, solid satire about French existentialist judges at the Olympics, biological warfare, sex, sports, foreign relations and many other quotidian issues.

Williams' energy is unparalleled in his stand-up work reveals his comedy genius. With uncensored, and essentially unscripted stand-up, Robin is able to reveal his true self. The comedian seems to emerge from a shell he's been keeping himself and unleash the inner hilarious beast.

In stand-up comedy Live on Broadway, Robin Williams goes non-stop for two hours and as a result becomes so drenched in sweat by the end, you begin to wonder from where has he the energy to keep going on, as restless like in the beginning of the show.

Some bits from stand-up comedian Robin Williams’ Live on Broadway are drenched in wicked adult humor, though he never offends - he gives his all and succeeds. In this show you get to see Robin impersonate a monkey, a sexually frustrated ape, a little boy, George Bush, an Afghan trying to call a jihad with a mouth full of peanut butter, a drunken Scotsman, a stoner, a drunkard, and a patient recovering from a colonoscopy. It is well-known that he is among the best when it comes to impersonating.

Comedian Robin Williams’ talent for improvising is obvious a few times throughout the show, most notably when he trips over his own tongue and still manages to turn his bungled words into a hysterical joke.

If you enjoy the energetic style of comedy that Robin Williams exudes, or if you just want to laugh out loud about the absurdity of contemporary events, don't hesitate to watch online Robin Williams Live on Broadway and then you will see that you will have to add this to your collection.

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