Ricky Gervais: Out Of England 2-The Stand Up Special 2010 Video

Out Of England 2-The Stand-Up Special 2010 is a stand-up comedy performed by Ricky Gervais, directed by John Moffitt. The stand-up comedy has been released on 18 December, 2010 by the HBO Studio and filmed in Chicago, USA.

The stand-up comedian is definitely one of the best comedians England has ever had. The stand-up comedian’s humor is full with high-spirited, offbeat observations. His comedy style can be offended for some, especially some of the sexual references. Though, the stand-up comedian never seems nasty or crude. What makes the British comedian so brilliant is the slippery way he turns everything into its opposite.

Two times Emmy and Golden globe Award winning, the stand-up comedian performs in an all-new follow-up to his 2008 HBO stand-up concert routine "Out of England". Taped before a live audience at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, “Out Of England 2” brings some of the brand-new material. As in his previous stand-up comedy special, the show contains the comedian’s unique subjects and issues, including: acts of God, the recession, the problem with heroin, fat people, famine in African ,animal homosexuality, the story of Noah’s Ark, and more.

While performing his routines, the stand-up comedian seemed pretty relaxed, sipping a beer (or at least something from a Foster's can) throughout the comedy show.

This special stand-up comedy has all the trademark comic stylings that you've come to expect from a resident British stand-up comedian. The stand-up comedian takes us through a wealth of offensive humor. I don't think anyone working in comedy today displays such mischievous glee when dropping an unexpectedly blue punchline. But that's part of the stand-up comedian' appeal, his undisguised delight with his own genius.

Watching this stand-up routine, you may have a deja-vu, giving the fact that most of the material presented in this stand-up comedy was clearly lifted out of his recent HBO TV show. But there are also new sketches that make the DVD worth purchasing.

The amazing thing watching this stand-up comedy is that you find yourself laughing out loud, sometimes uncontrollably. I highly recommend it! Well done Ricky! Carry on!

Quick Info Ricky Gervais: Out Of England 2-The Stand Up Special 2010 Video

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  • Release Date: 18 December, 2010
  • Recorded at: HBO Studio
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