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Ricky Gervais`s Fame stand-up comedy show is part of his UK tour in 2007, which started in Glasgow in January and ended in Sheffield in April.

The tour has the same name as the DVD which was released in 2007 on November 12th, with a runtime of 78 minutes. It is easy to notice that the British humor is present in Ricky Gervais`s stand-up comedy style. He jokes about subjects like obesity, cancer illness in teenagers, gays and foreigners. He also mocks Christianity, Africans and even himself.

Some critics have stated stat this is a proof of ignorance and that he doesn`t know how far he can push it. They consider that there is no fun fact in a child`s cancer illness, nor in some old jokes about fat people. They see Ricky Gervais`s Fame show as a malicious material, which makes some of his lines really offending. On the other hand, there are opinions believing that his humor is not to be taken seriously and that all is just for fun and for entertaining the audience. Moreover, his jokes over the Africans and the accent he puts on are considered by his fans like “putting on a Scottish accent to illustrate a point”.

Ricky Gervais`s Fame video is not recommended to be watched unless you are a fan of the comedian, or unless you are prepared to feel offended at some point. I believe that this is also the case for most of the stand-up comedy shows, taking into account the fact that many comedians use irony and mock themselves or even the public for the sake of entertainment.

Despite the fact that his Fame DVD was not as appreciated as his previous two DVDs, Ricky Gervais is a funny British comedian, who received a lot of awards and who you might like, if you start watching his stand-up comedy videos.

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