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Richard Pryor`s Live on the Sunset Street video was recorded in 1982 and it was released on audio support in the same year. The locations were the recordings took place were The Circle Star Theatre in San Francisco and The Hollywood Palladium in California. It is his fourth stand-up comedy show, but the third that was filmed, and the DVD was released in January 11th, 2000.

Live on the Sunset Street stand-up comedy show was the most successful of Richard Pryor`s shows, according to the box office. The funny comedian brings up a lot of subject in this particular video, including racism, black people and white people and the difference between them, his trip to Africa to “find his roots”, relationships, especially his troubled marriage, his drug abuse and the famous incident when he caught fire while freebasing cocaine. That incident brought him some third-degree burns all over his upper side of his body and he nearly lost his life. Richard Pryor also brings up the subject of his beginnings in the career as a comedian, when he used to perform at Mafia-owned clubs, as well as other funny and catchy subjects.

Even if his life was not as funny as his performances, Richard Pryor delivers his experiences with a refreshing, original humor. Live on the Sunset Street video is a mixture of life changing experiences, presented in the greatest, skillful, comedian way by the admirable Richard Pryor. By having the talent of mocking a wide variety of subjects, including himself and his experiences, Richard Pryor manages to catch the audience`s attention throughout the entire 82 minutes runtime of Live on the Sunset street video.

If you haven`t had the chance to see Richard Pryor`s stand-up comedy shows, you should begin with this video. If you decide to purchase and watch the Live on Sunset Street DVD, we can only assure you of some high quality pure comedy minutes of your time, as Richard Pryor is one of the greatest comedians ever.

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