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Richard Pryor’s Live in Concert is a stand-up comedy show written by the comedian himself together with Paul Mooney, directed by Jeff Margolis. The DVD’s release date is on 1st August 2006. For more than one hour, the comedian Richard Pryor goes from imitating a drinking deer to women debating about camping in the woods.

The stand-up comedian Richard Pryor is one of the firsts to open the door of stand-up comedy for African Americans, a sort of Alfa. And not only for them, but also for every stand-up comedian and actor, regardless of race, color and style. The comedian’s outburst energy and capacity of transforming every-day aspects into comedy made his video being watched over and over again and tagged as a must see stand-up comedy video.

Richard Pryor does not just spit out swears and hate speech in reckless matters, but turns them into something intelligent and entertaining at the same time., and Live in Concert is the proof. Everything he states on the stage is interwoven and constructed as a unique piece of stand-up comedy, put in a video for watching and not for hiding. Racial jokes and differences are at ease, yet never enough in this type of comedy.

Live in Concert video is for being watched not only with the heart prepared for offensive style and a sense of vulgarity, but also for those willing to watch, and why not, to learn from a master. Richard Pryor is in Live in Concert at the top of his game. Yes, he is extreme and shocking in style, but less in language. Anyway, comedy and his comic stand-up video would not be so much fun without this seasoning.

In the field of stand-up comedy, Pryor made his best shot with the video Live in Concert, and his popularity still remains untouched.

Watching the comedian Richard Pryor in Live in Concert video is all about open mind, genius sparkling, miming, self-deprecating and lots of fun. So arm and prepare yourself for all these and watch Live in Concert from Richard Pryor whenever life seems to get dull and shabby.

Quick Info Richard Pryor - Live in Concert video

  • Video Name: Live in Concert
  • Release Date: September 16, 1998
  • Recorded at: Terrace Theatre in Long Beach California
  • Duration: 78 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 1978 | richard pryor video |

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