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Richard Pryor`s Here and Now stand-up comedy show is the forth of his shows and the final official album of stand-up comedy by Richard Pryor. The video was filmed at Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana and it was released on DVD in January 29th, 2002. As his previous stand-up comedy show, Here and Now was previously released as an audio version, in 1983, when the show had its premiere.

The Here and Now video stand-up comedy show presents a different Richard Pryor from that previously known by the audience. Richard Pryor appears on stage as a man clean from drugs and alcohol for several months, and also a person who learned from his mistakes. It is also true that his life changing experiences made Richard Pryor an appreciated man, full of qualities, some of which he shares with the audience in Here and Now show. In Here and Now video, he takes on subjects like racism, spirituality in Africa, Reagan administration, rude children, Mexicans, earthquakes, fame and the consequences of being famous, getting drunk, sexual relationships.

What makes Richard Pryor original and sets him apart from other comedians of his time is the fact that he talks a lot about himself and his experiences, his trip to Africa etc, but he delivers all this matters in a funny, humoristic way, leaving aside all the troublesome moments behind the laughter. In Here and Now video, he presents himself as a happy man, whose life is changing in a positive manner every day and he manages to send to his fans the same feeling he has, by including them in his jokes.

Richard Pryor is not only a crafted comedian, but also skillful when it comes to commentaries on a wide range of subjects. He is very much open, spontaneous and connected to the audience. All in all, it is highly recommended to purchase and watch Here and Now video and we can only assure you of an entire 83 minutes-time of laughter and entertainment.

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