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Pablo Francisco`s Ouch stand up comedy show was filmed in San Jose, California and it was released on DVD on November 11th, 2006. The show comes two years after his previous stand-up comedy show, Bits and Pieces.

It is already known that Pablo Francisco is a great stand-up comedian and he manages to be funny also in Ouch, without repeating anything included in his previous show. Among the subjects he talks about, the audience can find death metal bands, Hot Topic employees, Jackie Chan films, Scarface, Kermit, Latino immigrants, women's tattoos, Spider-Man, rehab, homosexual gang members, cock-blocking roommates, drugs, etc.

If you heard about Pablo Francisco, you definitely heard about his famous way of impersonating people. His impersonating technique and the sound effects that made him so well known are also present in Ouch stand up comedy show. Some critics who watched the video say that this is the only part in Ouch video that is actually hilarious and that it does not live up to the expectations of fans. On the other hand, Pablo Francisco`s Ouch video also got a lot of good reviews. There are fans that consider Ouch at least as good as his previous DVD and say that the fact that his humor is all new and refreshing in this video, even if you find relations with some of his previous jokes. That is what makes him a wonderful comedian.

All in all, buying Ouch video is totally worth it, especially if you appreciate humor in a lot of different areas, there is no chance for you to feel bored by this video. It is, of course, recommended to see it with your friends or in any way but alone, because you will definitely need to share your opinion about Pablo Francisco`s jokes on so many subjects, his imitation of “Rosa”, the “Mexican Music”, etc. If you haven`t seen any of Pablo Francisco`s videos before, you should watch Ouch so you can catch up with his great comedian work

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