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Pablo Francisco`s Bits and Pieces: Live from Orange County is the stand-up comedy show`s full name and it was filmed in early 2004 in Southern California.

The DVD release date was July 27th, 2004, and it came along with a DVD extras, including “Inside the Comic`s Studio” featurette , hilarious commentary track, Beans and Rice screensaver and a bonus CD. With a runtime of 55 minutes, the video contains many funny moments and jokes about topics like dancers in strip clubs, body piercing, NASCAR racing, people who use Viagra, Latino music and softcore pornography. It comes as no surprise the fact that he uses sounds effects and funny impressions that made him special and marked Pablo`s unique style. One of the funniest in this case is the Little Tortilla Boy, a great, impressive and full of charm Arnold Schwartzennger impression that he made for the Bits and Pieces stand-up comedy show.

Critics say that Bits and Pieces video is the kind of video that remains funny even after you have watched it several times and that Pablo Francisco`s humor is refreshing and even if his haircut makes him “look like a monkey” he still entertains the audience and his fans still love him. The Bits and Pieces stand-up comedy show also includes some moments which can only prove once again how Pablo Francisco knows to put on a good show-his Psycho Boyfriend/Girlfriend routines which people consider to be one of the most funniest moments. Another moment worth watching is the one with the impression of the Preview Guy, Don Lafontaine.

Pablo Francisco`s humor, his style of presenting a stand-up comedy show is definitely unique and charming. He is one of the comedians with the the ability to keep the audience with their laughs on their faces for the whole 55 minutes of the show. Watching Pablo Francisco`s Bits and Pieces video is totally worth it and it is of course recommended to be watched with your friends, as you will feel the need to share your impression about his great comdic skills.

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