Orny Adams: Path of Most Resistance video

Orny Adams Path os Most Resistance is a stand-up comedy video, DVD released on 10th July 2007, during 71 minutes, produced at Wpoe Entertainment studio.

Although he also appeared in Comedian, by Jerry Seinfeld, Orny Adams looks a lot more casual and self-confident in this video, as he explores topics such as getting fat, fat kids or even kids with gun. The comedian is sure to have passed through a stagnant point at some time, especially after the stand-up comedy show earlier mentioned, Comedian, Orny serves very good jokes on his own now, original, leading his audience into a crazy laughter.

The gestures Adams uses or the occasional funny faces he makes are a key element in his video, as people who watch him can actually guess his attitude even before he tells the next joke. The stand-up comedian knows very well how to combine multiple sketches to build up a true, hilarious and quality stand-up comedy show, without using classic jokes, but rather creating them on the basis of the society and of the events he witnessed and witnesses nowadays.

Path of Most Resistance stand-up video is another proof of great comedy, without bumps, without “stealing” from other comedians which are already classics in the business. Orny Adams comes up with a whole new way of dealing with stand-up comedy: his way, and that is what I respect the most. He proved it earlier; he proves it again in Path of Most Resistance. His subjects in the show are really the most unexpected a comedian would choose for a stand-up performance, still he manages very well to entertain the audience.

There’s no doubt that seconds after you will start watching Path of Most Resistance from Orny Adams you will fall in love with the comedian and his stand-up comedy show. So buy the DVD, watch it, alone or with your friends. Unstoppable laughter guaranteed!

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