On The Air! The Classic Comedy Of Steve Allen

On The Air! The Classic Comedy Of Steve Allen is a collection of comedy recordings directed by Steve Allen, released on the market on 30th July 1996 by Varese Sarabande (USA) recording studio. The CD reminds us, how gifted the comedian Steve Allen was.

Allen Steve was an American television personality, pianist, actor and comedian. Though he got his start in radio, Allen is best-known for his television career where he was asked to be the host for so many TV shows: The Tonight Show, on NBC, the Steve Allen Show on Sunday night, the game show “I’ve got a secret”. Later on, Allen produced a second half-hour show for Westinghouse, titled Jazz Scene, delighting his audience with funny routines.

On The Classic Comedy of Steve Allen CD, most of the tracks are taken from his television shows, but there are also a few recorded at the comedian’s live appearances. The performance includes over 20 of Allen's routines, television broadcasts, and a few sketches from the '80s and '90s. Some of the classic routines from television include: The Question Man (Steve gives the questions to answers), Man on the Street (oddball characters answer Steve's question of the day), and goofy Phone-Calls. Even if some of these tracks are a little dated, there are absolutely hilarious. There are also funny songs and some versions of fairy tales, among other things. Steve Allen audience will definitely enjoy this collection of comedy recordings.

The trumpet solo when Steve starts laughing and cannot stop is memorable. It was a live TV show ("Big Bill Allen's Sports Roundup”) when the stand-up comedian began laughing uncontrollably. He laughed hysterically for over a minute, with the audience laughing along, because, as he later explained, he caught sight of his unkempt hair on an off-camera monitor. He kept brushing his hair and changing hats to hide the messy hair, and the more he tried to correct his appearance the funnier it got. There are so many other memorable recordings on this CD and it would be a pity not listening all of it.

The Classic Comedy of Steve Allen is a proof of comedian’s limitless talent. This man was gifted and seemed to thoroughly love his job. I cannot recommend this CD highly enough. If you ever need a good laugh, just purchase this CD! It’s well worth owning. Even if you are not a fan, this stand-up comedy album will make you laugh.

Quick Info On The Air! The Classic Comedy Of Steve Allen

  • Video Name: On The Air Video
  • Release Date: July 30, 1996
  • Recorded at: Varese Sarabande
  • Duration:
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts

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