Martin Lawrence: Live Runteldat Video

Live Runteldat is a stand-up comedy performance featured by Martin Lawrence. The 113 minutes stand-up comedy was released on January 7, 2003 by the Paramount Studio and was filmed at Constitutional Hall in Washington,D.C.

After undergoing a number of personal crises, the stand-up comedian returns to the comedy for a one-man show featuring social commentary and very personal reflections about his life, commenting on everything from the dangers of smoking to the trials of relationships, and unleashing a nonstop litany of raucous anecdotes.

The title of this stand-up comedy "runteldat" is short for "run and tell that," but the stand-up comedian doesn't abbreviate much else, spelling out his insights into the human physiognomy in detail that would impress a gynecologist. The stand-up comedian’s style is extremely vulgar. While performing this stand-up comedy, the controversial bad-boy of comedy used the word "fuck" 347 times in its 113 minute run-time, leading to the second most constant use of that word (3.07 times a minute). So, if you like clean comedy, so swearing, no cursing, and you are easy to offend, you should give this stand-up comedy DVD to someone else. Some of the stand-up comedian's jokes are just hilarious, and some fall dead to the ground. I recommend the movie only to Martin Lawrence fans.

The stand-up comedy opens with a montage devoted to the comedian well-publicized troubles, including an arrest for disturbing the peace and a collapse from heat exhaustion that put him into a coma. During this stand-up performance, the controversial stand-up comedian goes through different subjects: sex, smokers with throat cancer, his life , love and child birth. The stand-up comedian's salty language proves to be nothing more than a colorful backdrop to his message about life. Sometimes you get kicked while you are down, but you can always get back up from the trials and tribulations of life.

If you can look through the language, these sketches make this comedy routine worth watching. If you are a fun of the stand-up comedian or if you like rough and raw no holds bar stand-up comedy this the material you are looking for. Buy this DVD!

Quick Info Martin Lawrence: Live Runteldat Video

  • Video Name: Martin Lawrence: Live Runteldat Video
  • Release Date: January 7, 2003
  • Recorded at: Paramount Studio
  • Duration: 113 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2003 | martin lawrence videos |

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