Maria Bamford: Plan B

Maria Bamford Plan B is a stand-up comedy show directed by David Moe at Stand Up! Records studio, DVD released on 9th March 2010 with a 60-minute duration. The performance is a one-woman extremely funny video, resembling a theatrical performance, but way more interesting and funnier as well.

In Plan B video there is no imitation or backup plan from her previous plan A, but a self-imposed show in which a female stand-up comedian turns out to be a virtuoso, skillfully, brave heroine, creating comic routines in which she talks about her own Hollywood life, detailing the unknown aspects of the star-life, of that climate and burden.

Stand-up comedian Maria Bamford in Plan B is playing, she alone, all the characters, from her parents to her high school colleagues. She is more focused than ever on her routine, dealing with such aspects as her origins, convincing her audience that the saying “There is no place like home!” is one of the most true and real there is; differences between past and present, even future here and there; insecurities, social discomfort, friends, enemies and family. The comedian lets you, even includes you in her own world. Her casual approach and inventive style add a special flavor to the stand-up comedy show, making the video one of the best works of Bamford alone.

The special bonus of this DVD is the part in which stand-up comedian Maria Bamford wonders in her old hometown and of Duluth, observing and commenting upon the changes. In Plan B video, there is also the part in which her parents deconstruct a part of her comedic exaggeration from her routines, attaching a more charming and realistic dimension to the comic video Maria Bamford presents us.

Combining a part of her old material with the bonus video, Maria Bamford creates a sort of “best of” stand-up comedy of her own, bravely showing that women can and are getting the floor of stand-up comedy without hesitation and with very much talent.

Watch and enjoy Maria Bamford Plan B stand-up comedy video, laugh until your belly hurts and then share her performance with your friends. It’s totally worth it!

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