Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O Video

Notorious C.H.O is a stand-up comedy performed by Margaret Cho and directed by Lorene Machado. The stand-up comedy was released on November 19, 2002 by the Winstar Studio and has a run time of 95 minutes.

Margaret's comedy style is not for everyone. The stand-up comedian’s humor certainly crosses over on to the raunchy side. Most of the sketches from this stand-up routine are sex-related, and reflect the comedian’s personal experiences. The comedian’s language is extremely salty and may be offensive for those who are easy to offend. What is most impressive about Margaret is that she speaks for so many minorities who rarely really have their voices heard: female, Asian, gay, etc. What separates the stand-up comedian from other comedians is her sometimes shocking honesty. The stand-up comedian is not afraid to put herself out there and let us all laugh about things that we probably all experience but are afraid to talk about.

This stand-up comedy is mostly about sex, and is quite often nasty without being offensive. Yes, the stand-up comedian focuses a lot on her gay friends and fans, but these are the people in her life, and she turns them all into memorable characters. During this stand-up comedy, there are incredible funny sketches, but sad lines as well. The stand-up comedian remembers her friends who have died of AIDS and who become her guardian angels ("Girl, you're going out dressed in that?!"). This is a sad line, but there's no time for tears watching how the stand-up comedian manages to present this sketch.

My favorite moment during this stand-up comedy was when the stand-up comedian talked about her drag queen friends from high school at the local Baskin Robbins. The stand-up comedian’s sketch about her experience in an S&M club is also worth watching. Trust me, you will laugh out loud.

The stand-up comedian doesn't set out to offend anyone except the prim and proper, the self-righteous, the moral paragons of society, the rest of us can just sit back and enjoy this hilarious stand-up comedy. I highly recommend purchasing this DVD because is well worth the money.

Quick Info Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O Video

  • Video Name: Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O Video
  • Release Date: November 19, 2002
  • Recorded at: Winstar Studio
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2002 | margaret cho videos |

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