Margaret Cho: I'm the Want That I want Video

I'm the Want That I want is a stand-up comedy, performed by Margaret Cho, released on October 9, 2001, by the Winstar Studio. The stand-up performance has a run time of 96 minutes and was filmed at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on November 13, 1999.

Margaret Cho is a great writer and stand-up comedian and impressionist. Her routines are incredibly funny, her facial expressions are priceless and her accent is wonderful. The stand-up comedian is definitely someone who isn't afraid of making fun of herself and managed to transform her curiosity in life and her past failure into something that is vulgar, hilarious, and outrageous.

This stand-up comedy is the comedian’s trip through dark times. The female comedian tells things to her audience about herself that most people would be too ashamed to say, but it is her hope that by revealing the bad things about her past, she can help others in her position. The stand-up comedian talks about the discrimination she suffered based both on her race and her weight, she talks about a long period of depression, she talks about the producers of "All-American Girl," her short-lived sitcom, and how they asked her to lose 35 pounds in 2 weeks, causing her kidneys to collapse.

The stand-up comedian is also a great impressionist. Some of the stand-up comedian’s sketches include the Valley Girl impression, her black gay guy impression, and of course, her impression of her dead-pan Korean-born mother looking at gay porn in their bookstore in San Francisco. Believe, me, this sketch will leave you laughing for days.

What is so remarkable about Margaret is that she finds humor in even the bleakest of situations. It is a real testament to the stand-up comedian that she found a way to make dark situation funny, and yet not mock the situations themselves, or herself. She strikes a delicate balance between pathos and comedy, and does so perfectly. Margaret decides "I’m The One That I Want" and there’s no reason for her to be any other way. This is a great lesson for all of us!

I must stress one more time, if you are just in the mood for laughs, do not run away from this stand-up comedy because of the dark parts. There will be tears of laughter streaming down your face, and that is a guarantee. I recommend you purchase this DVD rather than rent it. In this way, you can watch it over and over again, and still have a good laugh.

Quick Info Margaret Cho: I'm the Want That I want Video

  • Video Name: Margaret Cho: I'm the Want That I want Video
  • Release Date: October 9, 2001
  • Recorded at: Winstar Studio
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2001 | margaret cho videos |

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