Louis C.K.: Shameless Video

Shameless is Louis CK’s stand-up comedy performance, directed by Steven J. Santos, released in June 26, 2007, by HBO Home Video. The stand-up comedy has a run time of 57 minutes.

The thing about this stand-up comedian is that he is really smart and that makes him one of the funniest stand-up comic on earth. The stand-up comedian has no equal among stand-up comedians. Not only is he truly, naturally funny, but the comedian is an expert at crafting a joke and creating a narrative. The comedian’s expressions, movements, and his fearlessness only serve to put a perfect polish on his stand-up comedy. This stand-up comedy is vulgar and potentially offensive to some people, but utterly funny for most of the comedian’s audience. The comedian’s humor is frank, original, daring and simply brilliant.

In this stand-up comedy performance, the stand-up comedian has the ability to show that anything, no matter how mean-spirited or dark, has the capacity to be funny, if not hilarious. The comedian also has the type of brutal honesty that the popular comedians of today lack. He's not afraid to talk about any aspect of his personal life. The stand-up comedian has the courage to say things that most people were too afraid to even hear. The comedian’s stand up comedy special is called "shameless" for a reason. The comedian had no shame on talking about stuff that a normal person might be shameful to talk about.

This hour long stand-up comedy has no subject taboo, and can only be described as "Shameless". The stand-up comedian talks about being a middle aged, unattractive, slightly over weight, married man, and how depressing that can be, how annoying his kids are, even though he would die for them. The comedian’s body and facial expression simplifies the hilarity of his routines.

You must buy this stand-up comedy if you are a serious collector of comedy geniuses. Within 5 minutes of watching this DVD, I can guarantee that you will start rolling on the floor and gasping for air to breathe between jokes. 'Shameless' is a must-see for anyone with an interest in comedy.

Quick Info Louis C.K.: Shameless Video

  • Video Name: Louis C.K.: Shameless
  • Release Date: June 26, 2007
  • Recorded at: HBO Home Video
  • Duration: 57 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2007 | louis ck video |

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