Louie Anderson:Mom! Louie’s Looking At Me Again Video

Mom! Louie's Looking at Me Again is a stand-up comedy performance directed by Louie Anderson, released on 10th October, 2006, produced at the studio Melee with a run time of 60 minutes. The comedy was filmed at the Guthrie theatre in Minneapolis, MN (Louie's home state) and this is one of the reasons the comedian feels so comfortable talking about his family, vacations, travel and food.

Louie Anderson unique brand of humor is based on the comments he makes on his family and himself. The stand-up comedian’s facial expressions and body movements add so much to the hilarious material he does on this stand-up comedy. He talks about his family in such a natural way, that you may think, this is how things should happen in a family.Louie Anderson brings to life his dysfunctional family but in the same time, the comedian manages to emphasize the positive aspects of it. The funny thing is we can all relate to Anderson's stories even if our own family is not as weird as his. The comedian describes family things we all know and understand to some degree. He doesn't need to use foul language or tell dirty jokes in order to reach his audience.

The comedian has an absolutely wonderful stand-up family style. No matter how many times you watch this routine, you can’t stop laughing out loud during the hour performance. “Mom who always re-started the car” "the cranberries!" or "it's a good shoe" episodes are memorable and will certainly confirm that this is one of the best stand-up acts ever recorded. There are of course the episodes with Thanksgiving at the Anderson home, including the lime Jell-O with the shredded carrots on top, the unwanted relatives, the aggressive dad, the Christmas tree routine. The whole show is a great fun for anyone with or without a dysfunctional family.

The truth is, Anderson did an excellent job in this video, using such a clear stand-up humor. The comedian is just funny, there's no other way to describe him. His energy, charm and funny observations leave the packed audience baying for more. And another good thing about this routine is that you can watch this video with your family, relatives or neighbors without worry about offending anyone.

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