Lewis Black: Unleashed Video

Lewis Black Unleashed stand-up comedy video is a collection of four half –hour shows performed along Lewis Black’s career. The stand-up comedy video was released in September 23, 2003 so that fans and newcomers get a chance to see how much the comic has grown since his delightful 1998 show.

Lewis Black is a very topical stand-up comedian who doesn't do the usual stand-up performance. He talks about politics, the state of the country, scandals, idiotic people and much more. Once he gets going on a subject, he never stops and he attacks. This isn't a democratic comedian who only attacks the Republicans; nor is he a Republican who attacks only Democrats. He attacks all of them, regardless the party.

Stand-up comedian Lewis Black’s 1998 show presents his characteristically sputtered bit of social-scientific criticism. Black attacks Bill Clinton for obscuring the meaning of infidelity, Y2K hype, flu shots, America's power elite, Ross Perot, and even delivers a Taxes 101 college lecture.

Bonus features from Lewis Black Unleashed stand-up comedy video include Black's "Indecision 2000" in which he inserts criticisms about the Republican and Democrat conventions--for Jon Stewart's show that are very entertaining. Lewis Black Unleashed stand-up comedy video does a superb job of showcasing this very funny comedian's talents. Lewis Black also talks about holidays, Starbucks Coffee ruining the U.S.A, and even weather. His comments about such diverse thing make it easy for a broader audience to enjoy.

In Lewis Black Unleashed, stand-up comedian Lewis Black also tackles subjects like The International House of Pancakes, drinking, Life in New York, an article from an Arkansas newspaper and the classical hysterical "...If it weren't for my horse -" bit

If you enjoy political humor and satire, you should watch online Lewis Black Unleashed before you buy this DVD. It is definitely something you'd enjoy. Also this stand-up comedy video is an excellent way to be introduced to the endless humor that is Lewis Black because hid humor is based on the best possible material: current events. And you can also see him evolve through time.

Quick Info Lewis Black: Unleashed Video

  • Video Name: Lewis Black: Unleashed
  • Release Date: Semptember 23, 2003
  • Recorded at: Comedy Central Studio
  • Duration: 116 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2003 | lewis black video |

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