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In stand-up comedy Surviving the Holiday with Lewis Black, the stand-up comedian uses history to make sense of the 36-day marathon of stress that consumes us all. Released on October 26, 2010, the DVD presents Lewis Black interviewing turkeys on a turkey farm, doing a stint as a department store Santa and investigating why we drink on New Years Eve. Fellow comedians, including Bob Saget, Craig Ferguson, Joy Behar, and David Alan Grier, weigh in on the anxiety-inducing holiday season and offer survival tips of their own.

Armed with history, humor and his trademark ranting, the ever-acerbic stand-up comedian Lewis Black takes a comedic look at how to survive the month-long festival of consumption without losing your mind. In Surviving the Holiday with Lewis Black you can watch as the comedian consults experts in holiday history, anxiety and gift giving. He also explores the meaning of Kwanzaa, the history of Chanukah, and the real Saint Nicholas in his own characteristic way.

In this stand-up comedy performance, we can watch Lewis Black interviewing other comedians to prompt their anecdotes and funny comments about the holidays. It looks and sounds like Lewis Black, but this is the most family-friendly side of the comedian that's ever been recorded.

What is most surprisingly, in Surviving the Holiday with Lewis Black, the stand-up comedian even submits to playing a department store Santa to a lineup of youngsters. It's definitely out of character from the Black most people are accustomed to seeing.

The comedy show Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black recognizes the bizarre behaviors in holiday season. There are a lot of traditions that don’t make a lot of sense and some beliefs we accept without questioning their logic or origin. Stand-up comedian Lewis Black questions these habits: the wholesale slaughter of turkeys on a given day, cutting down a tree so as to decorate it indoors and so on, but he doesn't really illuminate them.

We all know shopping is insane, the myths are suspect and relatives are annoying. But the instances when the guest comedians and Lewis himself share personal memories manage to make them more interesting and hilarious because they feel authentic, are familiar to our own experiences and aren't delivered in a style that resembles a routine.

Stand-up comedian Lewis Black is one of the smartest, funniest comics around today and his take on the horrors of the holidays is delightfully crazy and all too true. No one is safe. It is pretty sure you will recognize your own family or yourself in this hilarious truth telling comedy performance so it is better for you to watch online Surviving Holiday with Lewis Blacks’ 94 minutes show and the be sure to buy the DVD for your own collection. It’s a holiday special that encompasses most every holiday that might show up in the two months that make up the end of the year.

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