Lewis Black - Stark Raving Black video

Lewis Black's Stark Raving Black video is 80 minutes of outrageous stand-up comedy,shot at the historic Fillmore Theatre in Detroit. Stark Raving Black video was released on DVD in 2010 and it was filmed during his 2009 stand-up comedy tour throughout North America. Stark Raving Black video features the stand-up comedian delivering his blistering social and political commentary on current events.

In Stark Raving Black video you can watch Lewis Black talking about everyday issues like aging, parents, birth and death. He also takes on political and social issues of greed, the economy, the issues with alternative energy, and the message of hope.

In Stark Raving Black video, stand-up comedian Lewis Black is dealing with the fact he's sixty, and he remembers how he thought as a child about how sixty year olds looked to him. It is both hilarious and very true. Despite his age, his talent, passion and smart performances don’t disappear, but they seem to get even funnier.

Stand-up comedian Lewis Black is known as a ranting madman, but his stand-up comedy does make sense, especially Stark Raving Black video. The stand-up comedy video is smart and hilarious and it makes him one of the unique comedians in the business today.

The stand-up comedian reassures us in Stark Raving Black video that he is going to keep telling it as it is, as long there will be stupidity in this world. Among hilarious bits in Stark Raving Black video, Lewis Black goes into a very entertaining story about discovering that he had become a mainstream comedian by having to follow up country legend, Vince Gill and his wife, Amy Grant at an event and being unable to compete with their pure goodness and talent.

The Stark Raving Black DVD contains also a special feature: The Lewis Black Story. This is a documentary about his career, his parents and shows how his style has developed in the passing of time.

I highly recommend you to watch Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black video to see stand-up comedy, Lewis Black trademark. After watching this stand-up comedy show, you will surely want to purchase the DVD.

Quick Info Lewis Black - Stark Raving Black video

  • Video Name: Stark Raving Black
  • Release Date: June 15, 2010
  • Recorded at: Filmore Theatre in Detroit
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): lewis black video | 2010 |

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