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John Caparulo’s stand-up comedy, Meet Cap is a 61 minutes stand-up performance, released on April 14, 2009 by the WEA/Reprise Studio.

Most of you may know the stand-up comedian from the Sirius Radio, where he has been performing his sketches together with other comics from the Blue Collar Comedy. The stand-up comedian’s style is frank, “tell it like it is”, with some colorful words. He is swearing, cursing and he is using the”F” word a lot. So, if you prefer clean stand-up comedy, with no vulgar words at all, I would recommend looking for something else.

In this stand-up comedy, I would dare to say that the stand-up comedian’s performance is peppered with just enough profanity that it's funny without being over-the-top offensive. The stand-up comedian does use some "dirty" words so, this stand-up comedy special is not recommended for a family viewing and is definitely not appropriate for children. Though, the content of this stand-up comedy is not "dirty" and is extremely funny.

Watching this stand-up comedy performance, you will notice that there are so many sketches absolutely hilarious. "Get the spare F'n grabber" or “the medium on the microwave” are worth watching and will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

In this stand-up comedy performance, the stand-up comedian has the ability to show that anything, no matter how mean-spirited or dark, has the capacity to be funny, if not hilarious. The comedian also has the type of brutal honesty that the popular comedians of today lack. He's not afraid to talk about any aspect of his personal life. The stand-up comedian has the courage to say things that most people were too afraid to even hear.

I can guaranty that after 5 minutes of watching this hilarious stand-up comedy, this DVD will become your sunshine on a cloudy day. You won’t be able to stop rolling on the floor and gasping for air to breathe between jokes.

I recommend purchasing this stand-up comedy DVD because the stand-up comedian gives us a great lesson: how to make the best of a bad situation.

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